April Construction Update

Update as of April 1


During the past month, the demolition of the existing pool and surrounding deck was finished. As a consequence, more than eight tons of steel from the duct work and ceiling are being recycled, as well as several tons of concrete, rebar, stainless steel drains and other materials that were salvaged. In addition, the excavation revealed that the years-long water infiltration problems RCC experienced probably resulted from a combination of poor drainage and water leaking from the pool shell. The construction project will include corrective measures for the drainage issues as well as assuring that the new pools will have water impermeable shells.

The project team includes Branch Build project manager Bill Ruschaupt. For RRMM Lukmire Architects: Brandon Hughes; for Fairfax County Department of Public Works and Environmental Services (DPWES): Martha Sansaver, Karen Davis and Geoff Kimmel; for RCC: Executive Director Leila Gordon and Deputy Director John Blevins.

Questions about the project should be directed to RCC via: RCCContact@fairfaxcounty.gov


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