December 5 Construction Update

Update as of December 5


At the Terry L. Smith Aquatics Renovation Project progress meeting of December 5, the contractor (Branch Builds) informed Reston Community Center that it’s new projected date of substantial completion is January 3. As a result, RCC will delay the start of the Saturday/Sunday swim lessons cycle that was scheduled to begin on January 4 to January 11. Learn-to-swim and exercise programming scheduled to begin on Monday, January 6 will occur as planned as of now, but we will be monitoring progress on the project daily to determine if other action will be needed. Activities planned before January 4 are necessarily canceled.

The present delays are caused by the complexity of the interlocking activities needed to complete the project. Plumbing, electrical, new mechanical pumping/filtration systems are installed dependent on each other for completion of each phase of those installations, and tiling of all surfaces has to be managed while the deck space is simultaneously being used to access the other work areas. Branch Builds is working with its sub-contractors to schedule as much work simultaneously as feasible, but this sequential nature of the work makes that challenging. As much weekend, overtime and extra work as possible is being scheduled to move forward expeditiously.

RCC’s project oversight partners, RRMM Lukmire (architects) and the Fairfax County Department of Public Works and Environmental Services (DPWES) are working hard to assure that all the work continues to be performed to the highest standards possible as quickly as feasible. Inspections and testing of materials and systems are occurring as work is completed – results continue to be of high quality. The entire project remains on budget and savings are anticipated.

We will continue to update the public regularly as we observe progress. Of course, everyone involved with the project, and all of us at RCC, are extremely sorry about the delays and the disappointment they are creating for our patrons and swim teams. The special pricing we hoped to offer in December ($1 a swim) will be a “Happy New Year” offer to Reston patrons for the month of January. RCC is working with FCPS and hopes to provide assistance to the swim team to find alternative space for them until January. Our fervent hope is that we will meet this latest target date and be back in the swim of things at the outset of the New Year. We profoundly appreciate the public’s patience. Questions or concerns may be directed to RCC Executive Director Leila Gordon at Leila.Gordon@fairfaxcounty.gov.

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