May Construction Update

Update as of May 1


During April, demolition of the final remnants of RCC’s old pool and the infrastructure supporting it was completed. During that period, pre-existing issues related to the drainage piping for this area of the building created conditions requiring adjustments to the plans.
The adaptations will add cost to the project. The precise amount is still to be determined but will not negatively impact the planned budget; contingency funding should cover it. In addition, this process created added “time” on the project calendar (10 days) that the contractor will work with the project team to make up during the course of upcoming efforts.
Further testing has been completed and shows that the soil is suitable and can be used for the project without needing to truck in soil from outside sources. Trenching and piping is now underway. Replacement of the roof is slated for the coming three weeks, depending on weather conditions.

The project team includes Branch Build project manager Bill Ruschaupt. For RRMM Lukmire Architects: Brandon Hughes; for Fairfax County Department of Public Works and Environmental Services (DPWES): Martha Sansaver, Karen Davis and Geoff Kimmel; for RCC: Executive Director Leila Gordon and Deputy Director John Blevins.

Questions about the project should be directed to RCC via: RCCContact@fairfaxcounty.gov


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