November 22 Construction Update

Update as of November 22


As of November 22, there are fewer than 30 days remaining in the project calendar. The tiling around the perimeter of the warm water pool has been completed. Starting Friday, November 22, the cement pouring for the deck surfaces will be underway. Final work on the ceiling over the warm water pool has been completed except for the last round of cleaning. Ceiling work over the lap pool is nearly finished. There is still mechanical, electrical and plumbing work going on around the lap pool and into the new mechanical room space. This should be complete within the next two weeks.

As a result of project savings, we have been able to replace the floors, lockers and shower partitions in the locker rooms. Over the past several weeks, we have been ramping up hiring to assure we are fully staffed when the public returns. The entire complex will be deep cleaned before we reopen. 

The anticipated substantial completion date for the project is December 17. If we achieve substantial completion on that date, there will be another four days required to train staff in the new pools and ready the entire Terry L. Smith Aquatics Center environment for full public occupancy. We are presently on target to open the doors to the public on Saturday, December 21. Stay tuned to this space for updates as we near the finish line!

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