October Construction Update

Update as of October 4

Please read the Press Release for the information about the RCC Pool Renovation Project and updated calendar. The substantial completion target date has shifted again – current planning has that milestone being reached on December 17. Also, the screening of the pool overlook windows has been removed. When patrons are in the RCC Hunters Woods facility, they can view the actual project progress from the door to the Pool Overlook area. No access beyond the door is permitted for safety reasons.

Once the “substantial completion” milestone is achieved on December 17, RCC plans to accomplish the following:

  • Staff training and orientation to the new natatorium environment and equipment systems.
  • Supervised practice hours for South Lakes High School and Reston Masters swim teams as early as feasible. Of course, this depends on having obtained the occupancy permit.
  • Access for the contractor to complete remaining “punch list” items as effectively and efficiently as possible during the early part of each day while swim team practices occur in the afternoon and evening hours.
  • Provide full access to the public again in roughly mid-December. That access will be for general open swimming and lap lane use; swim team practices and holiday hours will also be on the schedule, when applicable, through the end of the month. We will keep the public informed via this webpage and email updates as we get closer to the end of construction.
  • As RCC’s “Welcome Home” appreciation gift, all open swimming access (from the day we reopen to the public through December 31) will be charged just $1 per person, regardless of age for Reston patrons.
  • Regular Reston pricing will resume on January 1, but pricing has been frozen at the 2018 levels for the entire year, 2020, in recognition of the sacrifice made by our patrons during the 2019 construction year.
  • We can’t wait to see our swimmers back in the water at the Terry L. Smith Aquatics Center!
  • RCC_Pool_Renovation_Image31
  • RCC_Pool_Renovation_Image32
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