Art Lovers Exhibit

Art Lovers Exhibit
November 04, 2019

Art Lovers Exhibit 
RCC Lake Anne • Jo Ann Rose Gallery
November 4 – December 2 


Artwork by Arnold Lopes and students

Reception: Sunday, November 10 • 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.


Students from several of Arnold Lopes’ fall art classes came together to create this multi-faceted November exhibit in the Reston Community Center Lake Anne’s Jo Ann Rose Gallery.

Arnold Lopes has been teaching art classes at Reston Community Center for over 20 years, first at Hunters Woods, and then at Reston Community Center Lake Anne when it opened in fall of 1999. Arnold has a devoted following among adult students of all ages. His classes are highly regarded, varied and challenging, serving all levels of expertise from beginning through advanced.  

Walking by the Lake Anne Art Studio any evening of the week can be mesmerizing.  You will see some students sitting at tables and easels, others standing, all working diligently (with a few playful twists every now and then) creating unique pieces of art. One might see artists painting planets and moons on Monday, modern masters on Tuesday, and scenes from the four seasons on Friday. Acrylic is the medium of choice, but oil, collage, charcoal, pencil and watercolor are also in the mix.

Eighteen of Arnold’s students are exhibiting their art during this stunning November exhibit: Kim Burke, Selemon Getachew, Terri Gilbert, Theresa Hosinski, Mike Kantor, Mitchell Kato, Patricia Kentz, Marthe McGrath, Touran Mahdaviazar, Anne Millard, James Ondo, Robert Osterried, Mark Racek, Joanne Roberts-Wittauer, Allen Shure, Rebecca Sponga, Tim Waters, and Glenn Zora.

Stop by the Jo Ann Rose Gallery during November to enjoy this exhibit and perhaps become inspired to create your own art!

Top Image: Jim Ondo, Arizona Morning, acrylic


Mark Racek, John Lennon Live, acrylic


Tim Waters, The Surfer, acrylic


Patsy Kentz, The Lighthouse, acrylic