Reston Community Center Rides Drivers and Volunteers

RCC Rides

What is RCC Rides?

IMPORTANT COVID-19 UPDATE: Effective October 11, 2021, all RCC Rides Volunteer Drivers must be vaccinated. Proof of vaccination must be shown to the RCC Rides Coordinator (proof consists of your CDC vaccination card – front and back – in either hard copy or an image of both sides). Once the RCC Rides Coordinator has seen your proof of vaccine, that status will be recorded without any further information (simply Y for Yes, or N for No) or documentation retained by RCC. Volunteer Drivers should call 703-390-6198 to arrange for this validation. Fairfax County Government now requires all volunteers for all County agencies be vaccinated, no exceptions, in the interest of preserving our community’s health. If you are unable to be vaccinated, we are sorry, but until this requirement is lifted, you will not be able to be a volunteer driver for RCC Rides.

It is a FREE door-to-door transportation service for those ages 55 years and older who are no longer comfortable with driving.

The senior adult population in Northern Virginia is growing at twice the rate of the rest of the population. At the top of the list of emerging needs for older adults is transportation.

RCC rides was developed in association with NV Rides, a network of service providers currently operating volunteer driver transportation programs for non-driving older adults. It was developed in coordination with Fairfax County agencies, the Jewish Council on Aging, the Jewish Community Center of Northern Virginia, and several other non-profit organizations.

The RCC Rides program launched July, 2015.

  • Who: For adults ages 55 years and older who are no longer comfortable driving or cannot drive.
  • What: Volunteer drivers provide door-to-door rides for essential needs such as medical or dental appointments, shopping, personal care, banking and more. Rides are not for non-essential needs such as getting to and from the airport.
  • Where: The service area covers residents in the Small Tax District 5 boundaries of Reston, Virginia. Currently there is no limitation on driving distance. Please know, though, that some rides may not be able to be accommodated. Volunteers self-select ride requests and may choose not to drive farther distances.
  • When: Before requesting your first ride, a Client application must be completed. Click on the Become a Rider link to download the application and questionnaire. All rides must be requested at least one week in advance. Send in your applications now to become a client of RCC Rides.

 Become a Rider   /   Become a Driver

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