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Put Yourself in the Driver's Seat and Become a Volunteer Driver

IMPORTANT COVID-19 UPDATE: Effective October 11, 2021, all RCC Rides Volunteer Drivers must be vaccinated. Proof of vaccination must be shown to the RCC Rides Coordinator (proof consists of your CDC vaccination card – front and back – in either hard copy or an image of both sides). Once the RCC Rides Coordinator has seen your proof of vaccine, that status will be recorded without any further information (simply Y for Yes, or N for No) or documentation retained by RCC. Volunteer Drivers should call 703-390-6198 to arrange for this validation. Fairfax County Government now requires all volunteers for all County agencies be vaccinated, no exceptions, in the interest of preserving our community’s health. If you are unable to be vaccinated, we are sorry, but until this requirement is lifted, you will not be able to be a volunteer driver for RCC Rides.

Without transportation, simple things such as medical appointments or grocery shopping become major life challenges for non-driving seniors.

We need caring, concerned community members to serve as volunteer drivers. To become a volunteer, complete a volunteer driver application and return it to the address on the form, or call us at 703-390-6198 for information about becoming a RCC Rides volunteer.

  • We’ll pay for your background check.
  • Once approved you’ll learn our user friendly web-based scheduling system.
  • Choose the appointments that best suit your personal schedule – no minimum number of rides required.
  • You’ll receive a mileage report for your annual tax filings.

RCC will refer to Fairfax County Health Department recommendations for preserving public health. Accordingly, RCC Rides drivers and riders are required to wear mask and complete health self-checks. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation to preserve the good health of our community.

Make a difference in a senior's life, become part of the transportation solution by being a volunteer driver.

Step 1: Download the Reston Volunteer Driver Application and follow the directions to return the form to the RCC Rides coordinator.

Step 2: After completion of your background check, you will be contacted by the RCC Rides coordinator for an interview/orientation session.

Step 3: Once selected as a Volunteer Driver, you will receive a username and password to access our Ridescheduler software.

Step 4: You are now ready to receive and accept volunteer ride requests!


Questions? Please Contact:
RCC Rides Coordinator
Reston Community Center


Find more information at


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