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About Us

Reston Community Center (RCC) is a community leader, bringing the community together through enriching leisure time experiences that reach out to all and contribute to Reston’s sense of place. RCC collaborates to improve our and other Reston organizations’ effectiveness, to build community, and to strengthen our identity. RCC outreach and collaboration support our mission, serve Reston, and enhance our value to the community.

See a complete list of RCC's community partners.

RCC provides four lines of programming to the Reston community: Arts and Events, Aquatics, Leisure and Learning, and Facility Rentals. Operations are supported by revenues from a special property tax collected on all residential and commercial properties within Small District 5. RCC also collects internal revenues generated by program registration fees, theatre box office receipts, gate admissions and facility rental fees. These activity fees are set at a level substantially below the actual costs of programming and operations since Small District 5 property owners have already contributed tax revenues to fund RCC. Consequently, Small District 5 residents and employees enjoy RCC programs at reduced rates.


Reston Community Center enriches lives and builds community for all of Reston.


To create positive leisure, cultural and educational experiences that enhance the quality of life for all people living and working in Reston by:

  • Providing a broad range of programs in arts, aquatics, recreation, enrichment and lifelong learning.
  • Creating and sustaining community traditions through special events, outreach activities and facility rentals.
  • Building community through collaboration and celebration.


In accomplishing our mission and vision, Reston Community Center will be:

  • A respectful, diverse organization that supports and nurtures its patrons, partners, volunteers, and staff.
  • An organization that embraces inclusion and diversity, and actively promotes racial and social justice.
  • An accountable steward of Reston’s resources, sense of place and community traditions.
  • An accepting and open organization free of physical, financial and cultural barriers.

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