Fiber Art Five Ways Exhibit

Fiber Art Five Ways Exhibit
January 04, 2021

Fiber Art Five Ways Exhibit
January 4 – February 28 
RCC Lake Anne • Jo Ann Rose Gallery


Contemporary Art Quilts by Cindy Grisdela, Jayne Gaskins, Sue Price, Anne Smyers, Barbara Wise


Five local fiber artists will display an exhibit of art quilts in January at Reston Community Center Lake Anne’s Jo Ann Rose Gallery. Fiber Art 5 Ways showcases contemporary quilts designed to be hung on walls as art. Although each artist has a different approach, all use fabric and thread to make original artistic statements.  

Jayne Gaskins aims to draw viewers into her art with emphasis on a particular detail that then leads them to greater story of their own making. There is no right or wrong interpretation; each person creates their own.  

Cindy Grisdela creates abstract designs in fabric with color and line as the main focus. She improvises and works without a preconceived pattern, a little bit like jazz music. Each decision about color and shape influences the next and complex blocks repeat like beats of a melody, calmed by irregular plain areas that provide a resting place for the eye.  

Sue Price is inspired by nature. Flowers, leaves, birds, grasses, butterflies – all are subjects for the camera that are then turned into Thermofax screens for printing on fabric. A screen print may be the focal point, or a supporting player adding texture to a piece.  As the concept for a piece takes shape, she works improvisationally to bring it to life in fiber, paint, and thread.

Anne Smyers is a collage artist, using disparate, existent elements to create a coherent whole. In recent years, those elements have most often been flowers and floral fabrics, which she juxtaposes to create patterns. The elements are the inspiration, and the pattern emerges as she works, unknown and unplanned beforehand. 

Barbara Wise combines history, craft, and traditional handwork using leaf hammering, botanical dyeing, quilting, embroidery and eco dyeing. Results are a tribute to both nature and the creative use of one’s hands.


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