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Jo Ann Rose Gallery

The Jo Ann Rose Gallery in the Reston Community Center Lake Anne opened in the fall of 1999 as a home to artist exhibits from individual Reston artists, the League of Reston Artists, and RCC – sponsored exhibits. The gallery is dedicated to the memory of Reston artist Jo Ann Rose who was a member of RCC’s Board of Governors and an active member of the League of Reston Artists. She worked tirelessly for the creation of this unique space to celebrate the arts and artists of our community. Since that time local artists have been able to participate in monthly exhibits in the Jo Ann Rose Gallery, a space where 40 or more works can be displayed. 

Three-Dimensional Gallery 

The Three-Dimensional Art Gallery was opened in September 2011. Ceramic pieces, sculpture and other 3D pieces are on display in rotation throughout the year. Lighted display cases line the walls of a 30' long hallway. Within each 4' X 6' display case are two glass shelves and one solid shelf. The back of the entire wall of cases is mirrored, giving a truly 3D view of the art. Many of the items on display are created by students and teachers of RCC's ceramics and sculpture program.

Hunters Woods 

Reston Community Center is pleased to provide a location for local visual artists to display their work. Space for hanging works of art in the Hunters Woods facility was first made available to Reston artists in 1986. Since that time, local visual artists have been able to present their work for a month at a time to the diverse community of people that live and work in and around Reston.

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