Attention: RCC has resolved the technical issues related to processing payments for myRCC transactions. When you complete a transaction in myRCC, you will be doing the added step of validating yourself by Captcha technology. This technology asks the user to “confirm you are not a robot” before proceeding with payment. Although it adds a bit of time to the transaction, it also provides added security. Thank you in advance for your patience. 


COVID-19 STATUS - The advent of colder weather means RCC will be extra vigilant about COVID-19 safety protocols. All patrons and employees must wear a mask when in RCC facilities or programs. All offerings require prior registration or a reservation to use a pass. Social distancing, mask wearing, health self-checks and regular hand sanitizing are required of all patrons and employees. These requirements will be carefully and consistently enforced to keep us all healthy. Patrons who need to cancel a registration or reservation should call 703-476-4500/Press 8 (studios, fitness, non-aquatics offerings) or 703-390-6150 (aquatics) to do so. Thank you for doing your part to get through the pandemic safely. Please visit our Coronavirus Update page for more information.

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