RCC Hunters Woods


The RCC Staff is an enthusiastic team of 50 full-time and over 250 seasonal professionals. We love being part of and contributing to the Reston community. We are committed to bringing you the very best programs and events. Our expertise spans the arts, aquatics, leisure activities and life-long learning. We are also dedicated to sponsoring community events and providing you with top quality facilities rentals at our Hunters Woods and Lake Anne locations. 


Gordon, Leila Executive Director 703-390-6142
Nguyen, BeBe
Deputy Director 703-390-6148
Wojcicki, Renata Finance Director 703-390-6146
Campbell Clarke, Lorna 
Director of Communications 703-390-6145
Rashid, Harunor Network Administrator 703-390-6155
Leary, Pam Customer Relations Director 703-390-6144
Connell, Suzanne Personnel Specialist 703-390-6156
Bailey, Warren Customer Service 703-476-4500
Bradshaw, Jan Customer Service 703-476-4500
Brown, Vincent Customer Service  703-476-4500
TBD Billing & Reconciliation Assistant 703-390-6141
Alshamy, Sarah
Web/Graphic Designer 703-390-6180
Burt, Nick Customer Relations Assistant Director 703-390-6181
Goff, Karen Public Information Officer 703-390-6147 
Zubaly, Mark
Customer Service 703-476-4500
Korkowski, Samantha Graphic Artist 703-390-6140
Rockett, James
Financial Specialist 703-390-6154
TBD Customer Service 703-476-4500
Siebor, Grazyna Procurement Specialist 703-390-6153


McCall, Matthew Aquatics Director  703-390-6151
Mack, Lexi
Aquatics Operations Director 703-390-6149
Murray, Melissa Customer Service Representative 703-390-6150
Sorenson, Scott Aquatics Program Manager 703-390-6152
Stettner, Samantha
 Customer Service
Wilson, TJ
 Aquatics Operations Assistant 703-476-4500


Facility Rentals and Operations

Gannon, Brian Facility Services Director 703-390-6143
Rivera, Cristobal
Facilities Team 703-476-4500
Alhadi, Mohammed  Facilities Team 703-476-4500
Huaman Bravo, Guillermo 
Facilities Team 703-476-4500
Brown, Christopher
Facilities Team 703-476-4500
Russo, Fred   Building Engineer 703-390-6165
Sanchez, William Facility Operations Manager 703-390-6169
Wade, Ken Facilities Team 703-476-4500
Woods, Cory
 Facilities Team 703-476-4500


Arts and Culture

Michnewicz, Paul Douglas Director of Arts & Culture 703-390-6167
Anduss, Mark Technical Director 703-390-6168
Moody, Laura Assistant Technical Director 703-390-6161
Danaher, Cheri    Arts Education Director 703-390-6175
Ovington, Rhia Box Office Assistant 703-476-4500
Morrow, Gloria Arts Education Assistant 703-390-6187
Parker, William D. Box Office Manager 703-390-6188


Offsite and Collaboration

Parker, Maggie Offsite and Collaboration Director 703-390-6191
TBD Community Events Director
TBD Community Outreach Assistant
Sevilla, Mark
Offsite Events Assistant
Snelling, LaTanja Equity Partnerships Director 703-390-6158 


Leisure and Learning  

Danaher, Kevin
Director of Leisure & Learning 703-390-6162
Avilov, Anya Fitness & Wellness Program Assistant 703-390-6164
Lebron, Casmera Lifelong Learning Program Director 703-390-6157
Clements, Ali Lifelong Learning Program Assistant
Gollop-Pagani, Kim Youth Program Assistant 703-390-6176
Heron, Deborah Youth Program Director  703-390-6163 
Morgan, Jeff Teen & Youth Program Assistant 703-390-6179
Navarro, Jonathan Fitness & Wellness Program Director  703-390-6159
Staff  RCC Rides Coordinator 703-390-6198

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