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RCC makes available to the public a variety of rooms for non-commercial use – meetings, performances, receptions, and parties – on a rental basis. The use of these spaces is subject to RCC policeis. RCC seeks to provide Small District 5 (Reston) residents and employees access to affordable, high-quality facilities.  In order to maximize the availability of its rental space, RCC reserves the right to place limits on the use of its public meeting rooms. Rental policies are outlined in the Rental Policies and Procedures. All rental patrons are expected to adhere to guidelines outlined in the Patron Guidelines portion of the Policy and User Manual. Additional information for CenterStage and the Terry L. Smith Aquatics Center rentals are outlined below the Refund Schedule. 

Refund Schedule 

RCC will issue refunds for cancelled reservations according to the following schedule: 
More than 21 days before the scheduled reservation ……..80% 
Between 14 to 21 days before the scheduled reservation…50% 
Less than 14 days before the scheduled reservation…………0% 

Refunds are issued by Fairfax County in the form of a check and sent by mail within four to six weeks.

For cancellation/refund requests for Meeting Room Rentals, please fill out the RCC Cancellation/Refund Request Form and return it to the Reston Community Center

CenterStage Rental

Complete the form and return it to the attention of the Arts and Events Director or fax it to 703-476-2488. Due to its unique status as one of Reston’s only performing arts venues, priority for CenterStage use will be given to arts-related programming over any other usage.


Availability of the space each year will be determined by RCC’s Arts & Events Director and Theater Technical Director after needs for Founding Partners and Internal Programming/Events, including the Professional Touring Artist Season, have been met.


Prior to use of CenterStage all groups will be required to meet with Arts & Events staff to discuss the needs and scope of their particular event. Users will need to sign a CenterStage Rental Agreement and agree to the CenterStage safety and technical documents. Payment terms for use of CenterStage will be stipulated in the CenterStage Rental Agreement.


CenterStage users will be allowed to sell tickets to their event in the space. All tickets must be sold through the CenterStage Box Office and will require the completion of a Box Office worksheet detailing their ticketing needs. Fees related to online sales will be passed along to the patron. All ticketing income collected will be distributed to the rental client within 30 business days after the completion of their event. All payments will be made by Fairfax County Government Check or ACH (completion of form required). Payments are contingent upon submission of an accurate W-9 and signature on a Box Office Sales manifest. 

Additional CenterStage Rental Information:

Terry L. Smith Aquatics Center Rental

Patrons wishing to take advantage of the Aquatics Department’s open swim time in conjunction with their room rental must coordinate that use with the Aquatics Director at least 14 days before the scheduled booking to ensure adequate Lifeguard coverage. RCC reserves the right to deny entry to the pool to any group that fails to inform the Aquatics Department in advance of its desire to use the pool. Gate fees apply to all drop-in use of the Aquatics facility. To arrange for drop-in use of the pool for your group, please call the Aquatics Service Desk at 703-390-6150.

Patrons or organizations may rent pool lanes or whole pools only during the non-public hours of operation of the Terry L. Smith Aquatics Center. Pool capacities are strictly maintained and determined by the available lifeguard rotation during any given timeframe. RCC reserves the right to refuse admission to any number of swimmers whose entry will put the head count of swimmers in the natatorium above the capacities permitted by the guard rotation. 

Interested rental users of the Terry L. Smith Aquatics Center must complete a Rental Request Form. Complete the form and return it to the attention of the Aquatics Director or fax it to 703-476-2488. As the only public indoor swimming venue in Reston, natatorium and spa rental opportunities are very limited and are only available before or after normal Aquatics Center operating hours. Pool rentals are coordinated through the Aquatics Director.

All rentals will be subject any public health guidance and/or requirements in place as of the rental date. RCC will strictly enforce any restrictions or limitations in place, including, but not limited to, mask requirements, capacity limits and physical distancing requirements.

Rental Payments Online

Click here to see how to make rental payments online.